Da der Shop sich nicht amortisiert hat sind keine Bestellungen mehr möglich.


I ordered as a guest, can I still look up the order process somehow?

You get notified of all important steps of the process by Mail. Should you not find any mails from us check your spam-folder. The first Mail you receive is the Order confirmation right after you have checked out.

Should you still want to look up more information you can do so by using our Order-Lookup-Form. For E-Mail-Address use the one you used to order your goods and the order number has to be given fully using the pattern A-1234567890

What payment methods are available to me?

Currently we support Bank transaction (Payment in advance) and PayPal as payment methods.

Why can't I order products to my country

We are currently only delivering to member-countries of the european union. Should you live in a counte that is a member or live outside of the union and still want to order product, please do not heasitate to conact us

How much will shipping be

The shipping costs vary according to destination where we send the parcel and by size and weight of the chosen products. For more Information visit our Shipping-Cost page

How long does it take for my product to ship after ordering?

After confirmation of your payment your order will be checked. If you have placed an individual order, we check whether the image can be printed as you require. If there are no problems, the sticker will be processed and produced. If there are any problems we will contact you.

If it is a picture that needs to be printed because of the colour or design and cannot be plotted from the finished colour foil, the printing ink must dry for 24 hours before it can be treated with liquid laminate. The liquid laminate dries within 30 minutes and is therefore ready for shipment.

The sticker is dropped into a packing station or letterbox on the same day. From here it is up to the shipping company.

For prefabricated products a delivery time of 2 - 4 days is planned.

For individual products a delivery time of 3 - 6 days is foreseen if the order can be implemented immediately.